Meet Julie Levine

julie1Julie Levine has been organizing and managing people’s lives and money her whole career.

A Quarter Century of Expertise In her distinguished 25+ year career in the music and entertainment industry, Julie has handled some of the biggest talent in the business including Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Michael Bolton, Metallica, Mariah Carey and Tony Bennett. As a record label executive and talent manager, Julie’s main objective was to always protect her clients’ best interests. She accomplished this by negotiating large-scale contracts, overseeing teams of lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, promoters and other professionals, managing budgets, logistics and always being accountable for the bottom line.  At Verizon Wireless, Julie ran the VCAST Video on Demand business and oversaw a $100 million dollar content budget. During her tenure, she reduced licensing fees by nearly 20% and increased usage by more than 40%.

Taking It Personally – When Julie’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2005, Julie recognized that her organizational and managerial skills had a higher calling. Through the highly complex process of obtaining Medicaid approvals, putting into place advanced directives, setting up trusts and hiring daily caretakers, Julie realized that what she was able to do for her own family could help many others who need this critical level of support and services.

Starting Organize My Life – Julie dedicated a year in intensive education and training to gain the necessary credentials. She has also mentored with Phyllis Pawlovsky of Personal Financial Care, a well-respected pioneer in this field.  Julie has assembled a team of experts in various aspects of Eldercare and offers this support network to her clients. She eases the burdens on seniors and their families, helping them to manage paying bills, resolving health insurance issues, creating life kits and handling day-to-day financial details. Julie provides support and direction for a variety of situations that seniors face.

Julie recently expanded her practice, supporting clients in various life stages including divorce (net worth statements, budgets, tips and best practices) as well as busy professionals who need to be freed up from the administration of their daily financial lives.

Julie is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), a member of The Association of Daily Money Managers (AADM), a certified HIICAP counselor and a graduate of Northwestern University. Julie divides her time between Manhattan and Westhampton, NY with her artist husband and Havanese.